Documents Required

The following documents are required to recruit personnel from Pakistan. After receiving these documents from Employer Country, we may go further in recruitment process.  

Click the link below to download the sample document of Power of Attorney or Demand Letter:

1.      Power of Attorney                     تفويض
2.      Demand Letter                         رسالة الطلب
3.      E-VISA                                      التأشيرة الإلكترونية
4.      Review Remember Visa           تذكره مراجعة تأشيرة  
5.      Sponsor Card (KSA only)          كفيل بطاقة

>  Download Power of Attorney 
 Download Demand Letter 

Power of Attorney and Demand Letter must be verified and attested from:

1.      Chamber of Commerce of Employer’s Country.
2.      Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Employer’s Country.
3.      C&WA attaché of Embassy of Pakistan in Employer’s Country.

Samples of aforementioned documents: